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Tired of Your Current In-Home Care Provider?

Tired of Your Healthcare Provider?

If you are having issues with your in-home care provider, it can be extremely frustrating and even have adverse effects on your health. While getting in-home care services can help you avoid a nursing home or long-term care facility, it’s important to note that not all in-home care providers are created equally.

According to Home Care Pulse, below are just a few of the top client complaints when it comes to in-home care providers. If your current caregiver checks one—or many—of these off, it’s time to consider choosing VNA Community Services, Inc. as your in-home care provider instead!

1) Inconsistent care

Inconsistent care is one of the biggest complaints that home care clients have. Often, this stems from miscommunications between various caregivers that are all providing care for one client. With VNA, all of our caregivers are RN supervised, which means there’s always a “point person” to ensure you receive the best care no matter who is providing it that day.

2) Caregivers showing up late or not at all

Another issue that home care clients have is when caregivers show up late for work or don’t show up at all. Not only is that extremely unprofessional, but it can cause serious issues if you’re relying on their care. For patients that need medication reminders, meal prep or help ambulating, this can have serious adverse effects. With VNA Community Services, Inc., we have a fully trained staff and ensure that someone will always be there—on time!—to provide the services you need.

3) Lack of caregiver training

Lack of caregiver training is another issue that home care clients often deal with. If your caregiver doesn’t know how to cook, work a washer and dryer, or cannot perform tasks like helping you bathe, ambulate or get dressed, it can be extremely frustrating. That’s why at VNA, all of our caregivers are fully trained, RN supervised, certified and/or licensed to ensure they can properly perform the tasks that you need.

4) Caregivers spending too much time on their phones

Another complaint, and one that goes far beyond the home care industry, is caregivers spending too much time on their phones. When a caregiver is at your house, they should be working, not ignoring your while texting or scrolling through social media. Thankfully, the caregivers at VNA are instructed to keep their phones away to ensure that you have their full attention.

5) Language barriers and cultural differences

The inability to communicate is another issue that can arise with caregivers. In addition to language barriers, certain cultures also have different standards for cooking and hygiene. If a caregiver cannot communicate with you or doesn’t understand certain cultural differences, it can be very aggravating. At VNA Community Services, Inc., we train all of our employees to ensure they are respectful of cultural differences and when possible, coordinate caregivers to reduce the likelihood of language barriers.

Tired of your current caregiver? Give VNA Community Services, Inc. a call!

If you are tired of your current caregiver showing up late, completely missing days or spending the whole time on their phone instead of working, you’re not alone. Many home care clients have issues with their caregivers because it seems like they’re either not trained well enough or simply do not care.

At VNA Community Services, Inc., that couldn’t be further from the truth! All of our caregivers are trained and RN supervised. In addition, with over 100 years of experience providing in-home care services, we know what qualities to look for in a caregiver and only hire the most dedicated and committed employees. That means you can rest assured that our caregivers will arrive on time and provide the quality in-home care services that you need and deserve. Instead of accepting the status quo with your current in-home care provider, contact VNA Community Services, Inc. today for a free consultation!

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